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17 January 2009 @ 10:29 pm
J2 Fic: If You're Into It (NC-17)  
Title: If You’re Into It
Pairing:  Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 6,750
Summary: Jensen’s a delicate flower/soggy kitten and Jared’s good with his hands (and his cock) and saves the day. First-time. Kinda sorta h/c, if you squint. Mostly just porn. 
Disclaimer: This definitely did not happen.
A/N: For balefully .  Although it has nothing to do with it, really, I kind of imagine this story following Mother Knows Best, sometime several months forward. The boys have kissed, and moved in together, but haven’t really explored their relationship much.

If You’re Into It

The thing is, Jared’s got a gym in his house. Fully outfitted with every kind of weight and machine known to man, and that’s why his body looks like— well, like that.

If Jensen had been living in a house with a gym for the past year, he’d be jacked like Jared too. In fact, over the four months since Jensen’s moved into Jared’s place and started working out in the basement gym, Jensen’s bulked up impressively. He flexes his arms and nods to himself smugly. His old A&M t-shirt, even all stretched out and sweaty, is clinging to his chest and biceps like spandex. It used to fit loosely, and now it’s snug in all of the right places.

He looks up, and Jared looks even more humongous than usual from the position Jensen’s in, lying back on the weight bench with Jared looming over his head. Jensen’s no weakling, by any means, but the fact remains that Jared can spot him with one hand. Which both turns him on and pisses him off pretty much evenly, not that he’ll admit to either feeling.

“Gimme another twenty,” Jensen grunts.

Jared, to his credit, doesn’t hesitate. He doesn’t look at Jensen with doubt on his face and say, you sure? He just grabs two of the ten pound plates and screws ‘em on to the bar as if they were made of air.

It’s almost weird, how totally different Jared is when he’s one-on-one with Jensen from when he’s in front of cameras or in a group. When people are watching, Jared’s such a shit-talker, always poking and prodding at Jensen, trying to stir him up. But when they’re alone, at home, Jared’s— different. Quieter, really. He defers to Jensen. Which is really kind of nice.

Especially when it comes to this, this thing between them. They haven’t really talked about it much, not since that first night when they’d kissed for the first time. Jensen knows that Jared’s letting him set the pace, which Jensen appreciates most of the time, but occasionally, he kind of wishes Jared would just do something. The sexual tension between them sometimes is enough to drive Jensen absolutely nuts, and yet Jensen’s too terrified to do anything much about it. Jensen’s not usually such a pussy about things like this, but for some reason, this thing with Jared scares the living crap out of him.

“Ready?” Jared asks, gazing down at him from his post behind the bench. He’s got his index and middle fingers lightly curled under the bar, as if he could lift it with just those two fingers.

Jensen nods curtly, grips the bar and pushes. He knows he’s not supposed to but he locks his elbows above him, holding the weight up with some sort of weird joint strength. Jared tsks and taps his elbows, reminding Jensen to do it right. No sense in faking it here; there’s nobody here to impress.

Jensen can feel his face turning red and then purple as he lowers the bar to about an inch over his chest. He pushes with everything he’s got, arms shaking as he lifts the weight about halfway up, but doesn’t make it all the way. “Nngghh!”

Jared easily slides the bar up and back onto the cradle as Jensen swears to himself.

“You did good, Jense,” Jared soothes in a totally not patronizing way. It still somehow makes Jensen feel like the runt in a litter of kittens caught in the rain.

“One more,” Jensen grunts, wrapping his swollen hands around the bar and pushing. This time he gets it up all right, but when he lowers the weight back down something behind his shoulder just twinges and he yelps in a decidedly un-manly fashion.

Jared’s right there, pulling the weight off of Jensen. “I gotcha. I gotcha.”

Jensen would honestly feel like more of a loser if he could breathe properly, but the pain currently sparking in between his shoulder blades is putting his ego at bay. He strains to sit up and stretch, rolling his shoulders to work the kink out, but it just gets worse, setting off a spasm that makes him cry out again.

“Overdid it,” Jared points out unhelpfully. “C’mon, let’s get you into a hot shower.”

Jensen’s in too much pain to be embarrassed when Jared manhandles him off the bench and practically carries him up two flights of stairs and into the master bath. So yeah, even if getting dragged by Jared into a shower is a fairly recent fantasy of Jensen’s, the sheer level of agony he’s in combined with the humiliation of being proven a delicate little flower in front of his best friend has pretty much ruined the mood.

Fortunately, the shower in Jared’s room is awesome enough to make up for the overall depressing nature of the situation – one of those with the multiple shower heads so water hits you from all sides.

Jared turns on the water, sets it to just this side of burning, and says, “Go on and get in. I’ll go get your towel.” Only Jared’s using what Jensen calls his ‘back-home voice’, so with his drawl in full-effect, it sounds more like, G’on n’git in. All go gitchur towl.

When he comes back into the bathroom, Jensen’s just standing there, sneakers kicked off but still fully dressed, with a pinched expression on his face. “Can’t get my shirt off,” he whines.

Jared shakes his head and chuckles. “Soooo. I’m gettin’ to second base?” He makes a little fist pump in the air.

“Fuck off,” Jensen mutters, and tries again to pull his t-shirt over his head, freezing when the spasm of pain shoots down his back.

They figure it out together, and Jared’s gentle when he pulls Jensen’s t-shirt over his head. “Shirt’s a little snug on you,” Jared says, voice soft.

Jensen glares at him. “You sayin’ I’m fat?”

Jared doesn’t answer. His eyes are fixed on Jensen’s bare chest, checking him out, eyes sliding lower, down his stomach, still shiny with sweat from the workout. Jensen snaps his fingers in Jared’s face and Jared darts his eyes back at Jensen’s face. His cheeks are tinged pink. Must be the heat from the shower.

“Y’look good, Jensen,” Jared mutters. Then, louder, “Get your conceited ass in the shower, bitch.”

“You love my ass,” Jensen snaps back, and Jared flushes even more. Huh. Jared mutters something incoherent and exits the bathroom, leaving Jensen alone with his reflection in the mirror.

His back fucking hurts, but he flexes in the mirror anyways, marvels at the new firmness and cuts of muscle he sees in his reflection. He does look pretty damn good.

The shower is amazing, and after a full twenty minutes under those jets Jensen fully understands why Jared takes such long showers in the morning. When he finally emerges from Jared’s bathroom, towel wrapped snugly around his waist, he feels loose and relaxed.

Jared’s lying on his bed, watching football highlights on ESPN, so Jensen flops down next to him, landing on his stomach. He curls his fists into one of Jared’s fourteen million pillows and wiggles his feet in Jared’s crumpled sheets. Like it’s perfectly normal for Jensen to lie in bed with Jared, mostly naked, and curl up and go to sleep. It’s not, but Jensen knows a chance when he sees one, and this is his, so he digs in with his toes and snuggles his face against the pillow.

Jared’s clean too, must have showered in Jensen’s, uh, the guest bathroom. He’s wearing a fresh pair of basketball shorts and an old, soft t-shirt that’s got holes around the collar. He smells good, Jensen thinks fuzzily. Or maybe that’s just Jared’s bed that smells so good. He closes his eyes and breathes deep, letting the drone of the television wash over him.

He’s nearly asleep when Jared asks, “How’s your back feel, man?”

Truth is, it feels okay. A little sore, but nothing like before. And yet—

“Tight,” Jensen says, words muffled by Jared’s pillow.

He feels Jared shifting on the bed next to him, getting up on his knees and then, mmmmm. Jared’s rubbing his shoulders and pressing him into the mattress with those huge hands of his.

“Tha’s niiiiiice,” Jensen drawls, going totally limp under Jared’s hands.

And really? It’s so nice. Jared’s hands are warm and strong and just hitting all of the right spots. Jensen can barely believe his luck. He resolves to work out with Jared every day, if only so he can fake a few more injuries, just for the massages.

Just then, Jared’s hands are gone, and the absence creates a physical ache on Jensen’s skin that’s almost worse than the sore muscles. He pulls his arms under him to push up and protest, but before he can, Jared’s pushing him back down into the mattress, saying, “Shhh, Jensen (Gin-sin), just relax.”

And the massage is back on, but this time, Jared’s hands are soft and slick.

“Izzat lotion?” Jensen pants into the pillow.

“Mm,” Jared confirms.

Jensen breathes in the subtle scent. “That sandalwood stuff?”

Jared hmms again and then whispers, “Jus’ sit quiet, Jensen. Lemme do this.”

Jared shifts on the bed behind him until he’s kneeling over Jensen, knees on either side of Jensen’s legs, which is fan-fucking-tastic because it allows Jared to lean on him, using all of his weight to push against Jensen’s aching back, shoulders and neck.

“Best. Roommate. Ever.” Jensen mutters, cheek squashed into Jared’s sweet smelling pillows.

Jared’s hands falter for a moment, and Jensen wants to swallow his own tongue. It’s not like they’re not roommates, but it's pretty misleading to say that they're only roommates. But they’re not officially anything else, really. They just— really enjoy each other’s company. And making out.  Like, every six weeks or so.  Whenever Jensen drinks too much and Jared smiles at him just right and Jensen can't not kiss him.

It feels like Jared wants to kiss him more often, but is holding back for some reason.  He's being all gentlemanly, which is sweet and all, but it's not getting them anywhere but trapped in this haze of tension around the house.

Jared picks right up where he left off, and it’s tough to keep track of what happens after that, because Jensen’s kind of slipping in and out of consciousness, lulled into a lazy daze by the hum of the television and Jared’s warm hands. He naps a bit, he thinks, before he dimly becomes aware that Jared’s firm kneads on his aching muscles have devolved into gentle touches. Instead of strong fingers he feels the backs of Jared’s knuckles lightly stroking down the center of his back, softly knocking against the bumps of his spine.

It’s a little strange, but it feels— good. It feels good to have Jared’s hands on him, and Jensen will take it any way he can get it.

The next time he wakes up, it’s because someone is shaking him. Jensen hasn’t fully committed to being awake though, so he just lies still and keeps his eyes shut and hopes that Jared will stop bugging him about whatever and let him sleep. He waits, waits to be shaken again, but everything is still and quiet and he can hear Jared breathing next to him. He sounds like he’s close, like he’s right there lying beside Jensen, and for a moment, Jensen considers snuggling up against Jared and feigning innocence if he gets shoved away.

Not that he thinks Jared would actually push him away, it’s just. It’s just that they’ve never really cuddled before. Never really done much besides kiss, really, and they’ve definitely never talked about it after that first time. Jensen definitely wants more, so badly he can just taste it, but yeah, he’s too much of a pussy to make a move.

And Jared’s too fucking nice.

He wonders if Jared’s even awake, and yeah, it would be pretty simple to just open his eyes and peek, but Jensen can’t do that, for two good reasons: first, if Jared is awake, and Jensen opens his eyes, then Jared will know that Jensen’s awake too, and that kills the opportunity for the fake-sleepy-snuggling. Second, as any half-asleep person will tell you, once you open your eyes, you’re fucked. It like, breaks the seal of sleepiness that keeps your brain all warm and lazy. No chance of slipping back into that cozy cocoon of sleep. It just won’t happen. So he keeps his eyes shut.

Instead, Jensen decides to make an exploratory move. He shifts on the bed, bringing his knee up slightly and bumping Jared’s leg, not hard enough to wake him, just a nudge.

And then two weird things happen.

One, Jensen had forgotten that he’s just wearing a towel, and somehow, even though he’s only made a tiny move with one leg, he’s now feeling a draft on his ass. So maybe he isn’t flashing his whole ass, but there is definitely cooler air on his upper cheek area.

Two, he realizes that Jared is awake when he hears Jared’s breath hitch and then Jared says, “oh,” in a small, quiet, very un-Jared-like voice.

So, okay, Jared’s awake, and Jensen’s laying there, bare-assed, fake-sleeping right next to him. He stays as still as he can, concentrating on keeping his breathing even despite the fact that his heart is pounding for some unknown reason. Long moments pass in silence before Jensen calms down and realizes that Jared doesn’t know he’s awake, so this isn’t weird, and he’s not going to get punched for essentially mooning Jared.

A few more minutes tick by, and at this point, Jensen might as well open his eyes because he’s fully awake, but so is Jared, and Jensen’s still mortified that his ass is hanging out. So he stays still and tries to think about anything other than how bizarrely fucked up and gay and yet not sexy this whole thing is.

And then the shaking starts again.

Only Jared’s not shaking him. Nobody’s touching him.

He’s been sleeping with his face turned towards Jared, so when he slowly opens one eye, he can see everything Jared’s doing, even though the light is significantly lower in the bedroom than it was when he first fell asleep.

And Jared is, Jared is lying on his side, facing Jensen but not looking at him, not in the face anyway. Jared’s lids are low, almost like his eyes are closed, but not, because he’s staring at Jensen – at Jensen’s ass. And Jared’s got his right hand in his mouth, sucking lazily on two fingers, and his other hand in his shorts, forearm flexing, muscles bunching, the movement shaking the whole damn bed even though Jensen’s sure that Jared’s trying to be subtle.

Jensen’s frozen for a moment, throat dry. He can’t decide where to look – at Jared’s mouth, shiny with spit and sucking on those big fingers, or at Jared’s hand, sliding up and down, dragging the soft material of his shorts down a tiny bit more with every stroke. Or at Jared’s expression. His face. Wanting Jensen.

Jensen lies still for a few moments, letting Jared look, watching Jared jerk off. It’s absolutely fascinating. Jared seems to have some sort of rhythm going, but it’s nothing Jensen can follow. Several quick hard strokes interrupted seemingly at random by some slow, twisting pulls. Every so often Jared just kind of stops and squeezes, and Jensen can almost see the swollen red head of his dick peeking out of his shorts, trapped in his enormous fist.

Every time that happens, when Jared pauses, Jensen panics a little. He’s absolutely certain that Jared’s busted him watching, and he feels like such a pervert until he remembers that hey, Jared’s the one spanking it right next to him while he sleeps. Or fake sleeps. Whatever.

What starts out as panic devolves quickly as Jensen sneaks a look at Jared’s face. His eyes are closed, eyebrows pushed together and he’s sucking hard on his fingers, looking for all the world like he wants to swallow them down.

Jensen’s own cock is swelling against the mattress, and Jensen desperately wants some friction but he knows if he moves even a single inch Jared will stop. And he doesn’t want Jared to stop.

He wants Jared to slip those spit-slick fingers out of his mouth and down the crack of Jensen’s ass. Wants Jared to finger him open and fuck him good and fast. Wants Jared to hold him down with his powerful body and – Christ, this is ridiculous. Why is Jensen sitting here fantasizing while Jared is right here?

“Jared,” he says.

The second Jensen’s voice rasps out of his throat, Jared stills. It’s like he’s been turned to stone. Hand slides out from under the waistband of his shorts to rest calmly on his belly. Fingers slip out of his mouth and curl up under the pillow he’s lying on. He moves so quietly and quickly that Jensen actually has a moment of doubt as to what he really saw.

“Jared,” he tries again, voice still thick with sleep and arousal.

“Mm,” Jared says, and Jensen knows a fake-sleeper when he sees one. He invented that game, for fuck’s sake.


Jared stays still as a statue, so Jensen reaches out with his right arm and tugs Jared towards him. Jared’s not expecting this, so when Jensen tugs, Jared rolls over right on top of Jensen. And Jensen can tell that Jared’s freaking out, because he’s kept his hips raised, preventing any lower body contact. But seriously? Fuck that.

“C’mere,” he says again, although Jared is already pretty much lying on top of him.

“Whadya want, Jensen?” Jared says, sending puffs of hot breath into the back of Jensen’s head. “Sleepin’ here,” he lies.

Jensen doesn’t hesitate. He knows what he saw.

“Want you to come the fuck here, Jared,” he says, voice deep and rough. He lifts his hips when he says it, rubs his ass against Jared’s cock and smiles to himself when he feels how hard Jared still is. Smiles even wider when he hears Jared groan like he’s in pain or something.

“C’mere and fuck me.” Jensen punctuates his request by pushing out with his arms, knocking Jared off balance. As a result, Jared crashes down on top of him, pressing him into the bed and jamming that hard cock up against Jensen’s bare ass.

“Oh shit,” Jared says. “Holy fucking shit.”

“C’mon,” Jensen says. “Know you want it. Been wanting it too. So long.” He humps against the mattress wantonly, shifting his hips against Jared’s. “C’mon and fuck me.”

“Ngh,” Jared says. And another, “Oh shit,” followed by “shit shit shit,” and then Jared is shoving his left hand under Jensen’s belly and grabbing at his cock.

And even though it’s clumsy as hell, it’s so fucking hot when Jared squeezes him tight, gives him a hot little tunnel to fuck into as Jared thrusts against him. “Yeah, fuck. Do it hard,” Jensen groans just before Jared pulls off of him.

Jensen can’t even complain because Jared’s yanking the towel off of him, shoving his own shorts down and jamming his knees in between Jensen’s and spreading his legs, opening Jensen up for him.

“Oh God. Shit, Jensen.”

Jared’s talking, breathless words tumbling out of his mouth like he can’t help himself. Jared’s cock is pushing against his hole, not pushing in, too dry, but it’s catching at the rim and Jared is shoving against him so hard that Jensen’s actually sliding up the bed. He’s so big and strong and yeah, maybe Jensen is a delicate flower or a soggy kitten or whatever because Jared pounding him up the mattress like he’s a rag doll fucking turns him on like nothing else.

Jared’s just thrusting against him, sliding his huge cock right between Jensen’s cheeks, pushing at his tailbone and muttering to himself, words that barely make any sense. Jared’s full of enthusiasm, Jensen notes, but may be missing some of the know-how, because they’re not getting anywhere.

So Jensen takes charge, tugging Jared’s right hand towards his face and sucking two of Jared’s fingers into his mouth. Jared groans and leans over him, pressing his cock against Jensen’s asshole again and again before Jensen lets Jared’s slick fingers slide out of his mouth and says, “Gotta open me up, Jay. Get me wet with your fingers. Get that cock up inside me.”

“Fuck, Jensen,” Jared moans, but does what he’s told. He sits up and trails his wet fingers down to Jensen’s hole, circling it softly before pushing the tips of two fingers in at once.

Jensen bucks and pushes against the intrusion, opening up for Jared and panting into the bed.

“Not gonna— can’t wait. Gotta.” Jared’s mumbling, fevered-sounding and desperate. He’s jabbing at Jensen, clumsy and hard and then yanks his fingers out with no warning and Jensen stiffens as he feels the thick head of Jared’s cock sliding and catching against his hole. He squeezes his eyes shut and breathes out deep. It’s been years since Jensen’s taken it up the ass, and he’s pretty sure that wasn’t enough prep, so it’s gonna hurt. Gonna hurt bad. Oh God, it’s gonna—

But Jared’s not fucking him. Jensen’s waiting, half in fear and half in anticipation, but nothing happens for a long minute and then—


Jensen feels warm spurts against his ass, right between his cheeks, shooting up onto his lower back. It’s a lot, literally. Jared’s shot an impressive load all over him. He can feel it, and his body sags with disappointment and relief.

“Holy fuck.” Jared’s voice is low, breathless, amazed. He collapses on the mattress next to Jensen, gym shorts snapping back into place over his hips, and seconds later he’s smearing his fingers through the come on Jensen’s back, rubbing it in to Jensen’s skin.

He knows it’s the wrong thing to do. Knows it deep in his bones, but Jensen can’t help it. He presses his face into his arm and tries, tries to hold his breath but he just can’t.

At first it’s just a tiny snort that escapes him, but pretty soon he’s shaking the bed with laughter.

Jared stills.

“Are you serious?” Jared shoves him. “You laughing at me?”

Jensen lifts his face up from his arms and there are tears in his eyes when he lets out a full belly laugh. “M’not laughing at you, man. Just,” he breathes deep, but he can’t get air into his lungs, he’s laughing so hard. “’Kay, I am laughing at you.”

Jared shoves him again. “You fucker! You’re the one—” Another shove, harder this time. “Quit laughing, you assmunch! You’re the one who was all take off my shirt for me and, and getting in my bed naked and flashin’ your ass at me all goddamned night. Got me all—” He waves his hand around in the air. “What was I supposed to do?” He’s all red in the face, but he’s grinning. So it’s okay. It’s gonna be fine.

Jensen snickers and sighs. “You’re supposed to fuck me, you jackass.” Jensen pulls out his best Texas and drawls, “Ain’t you never done this before, junior?”

Jared rolls onto his side and rests his head on one hand, he’s smiling, but his eyes are focused intently on Jensen. “Um. Nah. Not. Like this.”

Just as Jensen’s thinking up a snarky response, Jared pulls off his t-shirt, now damp with sweat, and starts wiping up Jensen’s back. The sight of Jared shirtless, tanned and strong leaves Jensen scrambling for words. And Jared, Jared’s cleaning him off like he’s made of something precious. Like he’s worried about hurting Jensen, which is kinda funny, considering how he’d just been pounding him into the bed moments ago.

“How’s your back?”

Jared looks concerned, eyes searching Jensen’s for any sign of discomfort, and it strikes Jensen dumb for a moment. This is his friend Jared, who’d do anything for him. Who cares for him and who lets him be a jackass in the gym and who gives awesome massages. Who kisses him soft and sweet but doesn’t try to take it any further when Jensen gets drunk and slides into his lap.

Jensen smiles and ducks his head. “Actually feels a little better. You know, my nana always used to say that jizz was the best natural remedy for back pain.”

Jared’s face splits into a huge grin and he lets out a loud ha-ha laugh, and Jensen can’t help but chuckle at the amount of noise Jared makes. Jared’s the only person Jensen’s ever met who actually makes a ha-ha sound when he laughs. Other people’s laughs sound as much like ha-ha as dog barks sound like bow-wow, but Jared’s the real thing. Loud and big and clear. Jensen loves it.

They lay there quiet for a moment, and the silence is surprisingly not-awkward, considering they’ve just gone from roommates-with-plausibly-deniable-tension to fuck-buddies. Or, sorta fuck-buddies. Fuck-buddies who don’t fuck, as it were.

The thought reminds Jensen that he’s still half-hard, and he can’t stop fidgeting.

“So when you say ‘not like this’, you mean not like—?”

Jared looks up at the ceiling for a moment, then back at Jensen. “I just. Um. I’ve fooled around with guys a coupla times before, but.”

“Never got this far?”

Jared grins. “Nah, I been there a few times. Just. Just not with. Y’know.”

Jensen just stares. He doesn’t know.

Jared huffs out a breath that lifts the bangs from his forehead for a moment. “I’ve never done it with anyone I really cared about?” His voice shoots up at the end like it’s a question, but it feels more like a confession.

Jensen’s breath get stuck somewhere in his chest. He nods slowly.

Jared’s cheeks are pink and he’s not looking Jensen in the eye. “I just. I’ve gotten some feedback, um, the other times I’ve done it. And one time I think I might have, I don’t know.” He’s clearly struggling to get his point out. “I wasn’t sure if it was gonna hurt you, and I. I didn’t want it to hurt. You.”

Jensen knows he needs to say something, but he’s not sure what, so he goes with, “Oh.”

Then he says, “It’s okay, practice makes perfect.”

Jared gapes at him, wide-eyed. “I, uh, what?”

Jensen rolls onto his side so he’s facing Jared. He runs a hand up Jared’s bare arm. “Nobody’s great at it the first few times.” He doesn’t want Jared to feel bad. “And I haven’t done it enough times to really know the difference anyways, so I’m perfectly happy to—”

“Dude!” Jared interrupts. “I’m not bad at it.”

“Well, of course you’re not, it’s just—”

“I’m. It’s really big, alright?”

It takes a second for Jared’s meaning to sink in. Before it does, Jensen says, “What’s really—?”

Jared blushes for real now, his cheeks a dark stain on his already tanned skin. He rolls his eyes and gestures down at his cock with meaning.

Jensen stares at Jared and realizes that, huh, that’s right, he didn’t actually see Jared’s dick. Not that it’s surprising that it would be giant-sized, since Jared’s pretty much got a giant-sized everything. He lets his eyes graze the bump in Jared’s shorts, impressive even though he knows Jared’s gone soft already.

“You’re telling me you’ve got a big dick?”

Jared’s all red in the face when he says, “Not like woo hoo I’ve got a big dick, but like, sometimes it doesn’t fit kind of big dick.”

He’s sure that Jared’s embarrassed and all, but frankly? All this talk about Jared’s big dick is doing absofuckinglutely nothing to discourage the chubby Jensen’s got going on. He slides his right hand down to squeeze gently at his cock, drawing Jared’s attention with the movement. Jared’s eyes go dark and he stares openly at Jensen’s crotch.

“Well,” Jensen says slowly. “Lemme see it, cowboy.”

Jared doesn’t move for a moment, like he’s not sure whether or not Jensen’s serious. But Jensen doesn’t smile, doesn’t crack a joke. Just looks down between Jared’s legs and raises his eyebrows expectantly.

Jared lifts his hips up and tugs his shorts down, letting his soft cock flop against the top of his thigh and holy fucking Christ it is really big. It’s still flushed a dark pink color, a little shiny at the tip, but mostly soft. The sight of it makes Jensen’s mouth water. Jensen wants to touch it, to suck it, to get Jared all hard again and just—

“Yeah,” Jared whispers. “Show me.”

Jensen almost hadn’t realized that he’d been rubbing and pulling at his own cock while checking Jared out, but now he’s fully hard, and it’s pretty convenient that Jared wants to watch him because he’s not going to stop. He rolls onto his back and opens his legs a little, reaching down to massage his balls. He keeps his eyes trained on Jared, jumping back and forth between Jared’s flushed face and his gorgeous cock.

Right this second, with Jared’s come rubbed into his back and Jared watching him jerk off, right this second Jensen doesn’t feel shy at all. He wants Jared to watch him get off. He wants to do this with Jared.

“So fucking hot, Jensen.” Jared’s voice is a low whisper.

Jensen arches, preens under Jared’s gaze. Strokes himself a little faster. Bites down on his lip and watches Jared.

“You like this, Jay? Like, ah, like to watch?”

Jared nods quickly, eyes dark.

Jensen grips his cock a bit tighter and starts wringing his fingers up in a twisting motion.

Jared gasps when Jensen lets his left hand dip down behind his own balls and press up into the soft skin there. It’s like a switch has been flipped in Jared, because all of sudden he’s Hands Across America, pinching Jensen’s nipples and squeezing Jensen’s thigh, pulling his legs open wider.

It really is hot, and when Jensen sneaks a glance down and sees Jared, hard again, huge and drooling wet against his belly, he can’t keep his fucking mouth shut.

“Oh fuck J-Jared. Look at you. Your, ah, your cock. So big. So fucking big. How, oh, does it feel, all fucking huge like that?”

Jared scoots closer to him so he’s practically on top of Jensen, propped up on one elbow. He drags his fingers across Jensen’s mouth, pulling down his lower lip. “Can I?” Jared breathes hard. “Oh, Jesus. Can I kiss you Jensen?”

Jensen strains up with his neck to bite at Jared’s lips and Jared takes his mouth in a surprisingly gentle kiss. It’s gentle, soft and sweet, like the three other times they’ve kissed. But this time, they’re in bed together, naked, and Jensen can feel Jared’s cock hard and slippery against his hip. All in all, it’s a much better experience.

It gets even better when Jared slides two slick fingers under Jensen’s splayed thigh and rubs them in tiny circles around Jensen’s hole. Jensen hums a surprised noise into Jared’s mouth, and Jared pulls away just long enough to say, “Lotion. S’good?” before pushing the tips of both fingers into Jensen.

“Mmph,” Jensen answers, nodding frantically. He’s jacking himself fast now, in an all out sprint towards the finish line, and Jared’s big fingers filling him up just about get him there.

Jared’s pushing at his insides, slow and insistent, stretching him now the way he should’ve before. Jensen’s not sure if Jared’s, if he’s gonna get fucked or if Jared’s still too worried about hurting him, but he knows what he wants. He wants Jared to stuff him full of cock, to fill up every last bit of space inside of Jensen until there’s nowhere for him to go, nowhere for him to hide.

Still, he’s already practically begged for it once tonight, he’s gonna keep his mouth shut this time and just focus on the feel of Jared’s fingers shoving into him, pretend it’s that monster cock and—

“Oh God, fuck me, fuck me.” He’s pleading, begging like a goddamned slut and he can’t even stop. “Please fuck me.”

Jared groans. “Jesus Jensen. I can’t— You’re so damned tight. It won’t—”

“Don’t care. Fuck me. Please.” Jensen’s hand is a blur on his cock and he’s gonna blow any second now but goddamn he wants Jared inside him when he does. “Just put it in,” he pants. “Put it in me. Please.”

Jared lumbers in between Jensen’s legs, grabs him by the underside of his thighs and pushes so Jensen’s knees are pressed to his chest, then yanks him up and open.

“Fuck, you gotta tell me, Jensen. Tell me if it hurts. I don’t wanna—”

Jensen cuts him off with a wiggle against Jared’s cock head. “Put it in, quick, I’m almost, ah. Just. Shove it in, Jay. Please.”

Jared doesn’t ask if he’s sure, just like with the weights. He just pushes his cock up into Jensen, pressing it in with his fingers so slow Jensen feels like he’s going to explode. Once he’s got the thick head in, he breathes out, hot air against Jensen’s face. “I’m in,” Jared says. “I’m, ah, holy shit. Inside you, Jensen.”

Jensen’s eyes roll back in his head. Jared’s barely in more than an inch, maybe two, but Jensen’s ass is burning so sweet that he can’t hold out a second longer. He comes all over himself, thick spurts splattering against his belly and chest. Each pulse hits him harder than the last, increasing in intensity with every blunt thrust of Jared’s dick.

It’s better than pretty much any orgasm Jensen’s ever had. Ever. It’s good enough to make him feel a little silly about thinking sex with any woman, any person, ever in his life prior to this was even passable.

As he’s coming down from his orgasm, he can feel his muscles just give up, and Jared slides in another couple of inches. It hurts, it does, but it feels good too, so Jensen just wraps his legs around Jared’s hips and pulls him in tight.

Jared pushes up on his arms, holding himself above Jensen. “It’s okay, Jense. You don’t have to—”

Jared’s gentling tone ends abruptly with a curse as he slides all the way in, dragged forward by Jensen’s legs. Jensen can barely breathe but he loves it, loves this, loves Jared.

Jensen lifts his neck up to kiss Jared softly, then whispers “C’mon now, c’mon. Move.”

Jared’s eyes are squeezed shut tight, and he’s all sweaty, like he’s fighting to hold himself back.

“C’mon,” Jensen urges. “Show me what you’ve got.”

Jared doesn’t say anything in response, just jerks his hips back suddenly and plunges in deep. He does it again and again, hips twisting on the push in so that he goes not only deep but up and holy fucking shit.


Jared’s eyes pop open and he freezes, mid-thrust. “Jensen? You okay?” He’s panting and caressing Jensen’s hair with one hand.

“Yeah, m’good.” Jensen smiles wide and can feel himself blush. “You weren’t lying when you said you weren’t bad at this, man.”

Jared lets his head fall down against Jensen’s and he laughs kinda crazily.

“You feel. You feel so good. Jensen. Wanna do this—” Jared doesn’t finish the sentence, seems to think better of it and bites his lip. He starts thrusting again, slower and harder this time, each push an agonizing press against Jensen’s prostate, each pull a drag of Jensen’s inner muscles until the friction burns hot and white and good.

Jared’s shoving into him faster now, foregoing his pornstar technique in favor of jack hammering into Jensen quick and rough. Jared’s cradling his head as he fucks him, protective and fierce all at once, and Jensen feels like laughing now.

“C’mon Jay. Wanna feel you come.”

Jared lets out a strangled noise and loses his rhythm. “Christ, Jensen. Can I— inside? Or—?”

“Do it,” Jensen says, words punching out with each thrust of Jared’s hips. “Fill me up.”

Jared whimpers and takes a deep breath, slowing his hips but keeping up the intense pressure. He presses in hard and says, “Jensen, I. Oh God.”

Jensen can feel Jared pulsing inside of him, his whole body shaking with it. He wraps his arms around Jared’s shoulders, tries to pull him closer.

“Me too,” Jensen says, voice hoarse. He wipes the sweat from Jared’s face, lets his fingers slide down Jared’s spine. After Jared stops shivering with aftershocks, Jensen slaps him on the ass for the job well done.

It doesn’t really hurt until Jared pulls out, slow and careful but that lotion wasn’t really the best lube and the burn isn’t really pleasant anymore. Jensen can’t hide his wince, but Jared doesn’t look apologetic. He looks amazed, and happy.

Jensen smiles at him, feeling suddenly giddy with the realization that this is it, love, and he’s got everything he never dreamed of.

“So, you made it.” Jared says it with a grin on his face.

“I did.”

“And it wasn’t—?”

“It was fantastic, Jay. I almost came again.” Jensen swats at him. “Now shut up and stop fishing for compliments.”

Jared ducks his head trying to hide his enormous grin, but it doesn’t work. He tugs Jensen’s leg up and peers down curiously at Jensen’s hole. Jensen doesn’t know why Jared does this; Jensen definitely does not want to know what he looks like down there. Even the feeling is kind of awful, his hole all stretched and sore, burning sensation lingering and a really unpleasant squishy-squelchy feeling. But Jared seems interested, even drags a finger gently through the mess.

“Can’t believe you let me—” he trails off, but Jensen knows exactly what he means.

“M’not paying rent this month, you know. You can take it out in trade, motherfucker.”

Jared rolls over and kisses him on the nose. “Best. Roommate. Ever.” Jared says, and Jensen has to smile. “That’s cool. I’m. I can be cool with that arrangement. Only, you’re going to have to give up your room.”

Jensen mock-pouts. “Where am I gonna put all my stuff?”

Jared slings a heavy arm over his chest and burrows his face into Jensen’s neck. Jensen can feel him smiling as he says, “You can keep your clothes downstairs, s’long as your ass is in my bed every night.”

Every night?” Jensen asks, voice cracking a little. “I don’t know if I can, I mean, can we switch it up a bit?”

Jared chuckles, warm breath tapping at Jensen’s cooling skin in little bursts. “We can do whatever you want, Jensen. I just want you next to me.” He says softly. “Not for this, not for sex.”

Jensen raises one eyebrow.

“I mean, yeah, sometimes for sex, don’t get me wrong. But not just for sex. I just. This feels right to me.” Jared’s looking at him with that bashful look on his face, similar to the night they first kissed. Like he’s put himself out on a limb with no safety net. Like he’s not sure if Jensen feels the same way.

“I’ll be here as long as you want me, Jay,” Jensen says softly. “Even though you’re a big sap.”

“Good,” Jared murmurs.

“I’ll tell you one thing,” Jensen says, snuggling shamelessly into Jared’s arms. “My ass hurts so much I can’t even feel my back, so, y’know, thanks for that.”

Jared laughs loudly again, and Jensen feels a warm spark of happiness flare in his heart.

This is going to work out just fine.


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mediaville: buttsexmediaville on January 18th, 2009 04:22 am (UTC)
ACK! I haven't even read through it yet - I hope there are no big mistakes! I hope you like it. It's got porn, PENETRATION EVEN.

*bites nails*
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balefully is way better with the keysmash than I am, so I'm just gonna say this totally fucking made my night ♥ SO GOOD.
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YAY! I'm so glad you liked it! Esp b/c I totally fangirl you all the time. So extra YAY!
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\o/ I'm so glad you liked it! I was going for utter perfection, y'know. HAHA - just kidding! I've been working up to actual buttsex with these two for, like, MONTHS. I'm glad it turned out okay!
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I loved this and hope you keep writing more and more J2 because I am really enjoying the way you depict them in real life (not in front of the cameras). I love Jensen lots but I really think your Jared has got my heart. Excellent writing for a first time and don't worry I didn't read any errors at all. Please, please write more!
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I'm glad you feel that way, because at this point, I pretty much can't STOP writing J2. :-) They are just so FUCKING DELICIOUS together that my brain gets pelted by plot bunnies every damn day. In any case, I'm glad you read and enjoyed this fic! Thanks for your sweet comment.
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so very wonderfully cute!
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Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it.
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YAY I'm so glad you liked it! Thank YOU for reading and commenting!
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HEE! I'm glad you thought it was romantic (or sappy) - the first fic was really kind of sweet and innocent, and then I went ahead and wrote this - enormous peen buttsex! I was hoping it didn't just ruin the romance from the first fic. Sounds like it came through okay! Thanks for reading and commenting! :-D
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You KNOW they have to work out together. Gym IN the house? And Jensen's so much more buff this year. I am choosing to believe that Jared helps Jensen in the gym. And then they fuck. :-)
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JUST what I needed tonight. I love sap. And porn.
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I'm a huge fan of J2 fiction that portrays the boys' personalities and their interactions in a very realistic, believable manner. And this piece is a beautiful example of that. I thought you nailed their dialogue style and the sex was deliciously cautious -- not to mention, downright hawt!!!! Great job on this!
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Oh YES re: the cautious sex. We're always reading about how Jared's got this enormous peen, but he's usually all ready to just go digging tunnels into anyone. I kind of liked the idea of him wanting to sort of protect Jensen from it! And for Jensen to be like - WHATEVER BRING IT ON.

I'm glad you liked it and thought they sounded realistic. That's a great compliment!
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I love it was Jensen gets off on Jared's ginormous peen. This was totally smokin' hot!
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god. that was ... there aren't really words. it was wonderful to read.
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YAY I'm so glad you liked it! I actually almost emailed you last night before I posted b/c I didn't have a beta and remembered you had offered, but then I just wanted to post it FAST, y'know? It sorta poured out of me and I have three other fics in progress, and I just wanted it OFF OFF OFF my computer!

But it means so much to me that you liked it! ♥