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30 April 2013 @ 10:18 am
Fic: Truth be told, I'm lying  
Title: Truth be told, I'm lying
Pairing: Harry/Louis, er, what's the opposite of endgame? Pre-game? Harry/Louis are pregaming here, and then they are apart and miserable, and then they bang and at least one of them is happy about it.
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 10k
Summary: They used to have a Thing, now they don't, but they both still kind of want to, and then they do. Inspired by the night in London on the TMH tour when Louis and Harry didn't look at each other once. This fic could be subtitled: Louis Tomlinson's Failed Attempts at Indifference.
Notes and Warnings: HERE LIES ANGST. Not a miserable ending, but they don’t exactly ride off into the sunset together.
Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure that none of this has actually happened.

Truth be told, I miss you. And truth be told, I'm lying.